Mind & Muscle: My Favorite M&Ms!

yoga-657048_640If you have ever had a reading with me, or have spent more than an hour listening to my incessant Virgo chatter, you know of my love for the miracle of the subconscious mind. Yes, I do go off on a tangent about its importance in our lives.  You will also hear me jabber about the significance of exercise and stretching.  Oh yes, and there’s another thing… I truly believe what you think is what you will manifest for yourself. So read what my quiet mind has written for you.  It will increase your vibrational energy.  Oh, that’s another subject I like to talk about.

Please allow me to give you my simplified explanation of this gift-giving mechanism called the power of your mind and body. The physical body (I’ll get to you and manifesting in a minute) has 3 types of physical muscle: skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. This musculature responds to exercise by giving us support and strength for movement; i.e., they have action only because you have exercised them.

Speaking of exercise there is an awesome exercise you can do with your mind. There are 3 tiers to your mind (thanks to Sigmund Freud and his clear enunciation of these tiers). They are the conscious mind (ego), which communicates to the world through your speech and writing. The pre-conscious, or sub-conscious, which amongst other things stores our recent memories, current programs (yup, the computer) and thoughts that are quickly reached for
utilization. Lastly, the unconscious long-term store house, which will ultimately work with the stored programs we have in that sub-conscious mind of yours. This is where we hold our past traumas, past experiences from our conscious mind. It expresses itself through emotions, imagination and dreams. Much like the muscles, it never forgets the action you put there.

The mind and muscles actually need the same exercise agenda….  “Use it or you lose it.” This unique similarity in function demonstrates itself in its response to what it will give back to you. It will return to you only what you have invested through sweat, memory, sensations, training and repetition.

The mind communicates in images. If you are a practitioner of creative visualization or imagery, you have more likely than not created a vision board.  This is a tool to assist you in implanting your wants, needs and desires in your
sub-conscious mind for positive outcomes.  Exercising and programming your muscles gives you strength and stamina to aid you in meeting the physical demands of life.  Ah… so mental exercising through meditation, self-hypnosis, visualization and positive self-affirmations encourages your mind to work for you. This is mind power.

The sub-conscious mind is not prejudiced; it will accept any thought or image you bestow upon it.  It truly doesn’t recognize the difference between fact and fantasy. So be careful what you feed this hungry part of your mind. Remember, what you think is what you get!

A quick note about your brain.  The brain is our main processing unit. This powerhouse takes from your sub-conscious mind your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and memories and places them in a cell carrying nerve, called a neuron that passes it onto another neuron.  There’s a bridge over which they meet on called a synapse. Bingo! This is where all the information you have gathered is transmitted to your muscle and mind cells.

I hope you have enjoyed my own version of the importance of visualizing and exercise. It certainly has been my pleasure to share.  I talked aloud the whole time I was typing, wouldn’t you know it!