Solar Eclipse: September 1st, 2016

Annular_EclipseOn Thursday, September 1st, there is a New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Virgo.  This is a significant Eclipse.  It generates powerful energy because the Sun and Moon are all aspecting or in a relationship with the Sun and Moon, along with the planet Saturn, the governor of restructuring, and wouldn’t you know it, government! To top it all off, the nefarious and mysterious planet, Neptune, brings his imagination, magical tricks and dreams to the party. Mars, the warrior planet wants to do a square dance with the illusionary Neptune. Early arrival Mercury is tottering on the doorstep, he doesn’t know why everyone won’t listen and is passing him by.  He got his invitation, but wastes his time passing out misinformation and trying to re-direct the other party-goers.  Thank the Universe that the health-minded and microbe-aware Virgo is giving the party.  Any antics Mars pulls could need medical attention. Watch your step, Mercury, you’re today’s lord of misinformation, the celestial guests are passing you right by. There will be other planetary visitors, but I think Saturn and Neptune will have a big influence on how noisy and loud the party will get.  They can bring a profound influence on the cosmic celebration.

There are a lot of possibilities with this gathering.  The noisy television pranksters who deliver the media news could bring Mercury’s poor direction, and ideas to the outlets, that may upset and shock some of us party attendees, false illusions of the  system could get out of hand. The unsolicited gifts, the favors and goodies usually presented as entertainment will become fodder for debate. Many of the stories told in debate are illusions and fail as debatable script, this along with the rhetoric turn out to be the tomes of the fear provoking war mongers.

The surprise of the party is the wafting scent of fresh brewed coffee. Now, all the wallflowers make an excited run for the sanitized Virgo kitchen.  Yes, it’s that time. They’ve awoken, and they really want to smell the rich scent of the truth. No more sitting around waiting for the next dance of the planets, no more wasting time on what could have been, the “what-ifs.”  The wallflowers are us and we are better informed. No more posturing, no more wasting our time, no more listening to the talking heads. We look to the future gatherings of all the celestial bodies, not just the ones that come to excite, deflate and use our minds so we are addicted to their distortions of truth, their mongering, and their fighting over air waves.  We are here on earth observant of the truth, the facts, we want and receive only those words that speak that truth, and lead us to our most desired peaceful co-existence in this lifetime.   Hope you enjoyed the party. Oh, forgot to tell you.  Your St. Valentine’s Day invitation is in the stars, and will be delivered in time for the conclusion and bon voyage to this raucous Solar Eclipse.  Thanks for coming………..P.



medical-medium-awilliamUnbelievable!  I’m so excited. The day had finally arrived.  I had been anticipating this day, June 25th, 2016, for months and months.  I was so hyped, I stayed up until 5 a.m. thinking, praying and meditating. Now, I was late, but upon arrival at the venue it really didn’t matter.  I was there and it seemed like everyone on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. was also.  Oy vey, the line! You could feel the energy of anticipation. Would my little legs support me for the next hour and a half standing and waiting?  Not to worry, the time went fast after my friend and fellow seeker Baniela and I encountered some of our friends/clients, and shared social niceties and our serious, healing hopes for our futures. We were attending a daylong seminar, “Now Is Your Time to Heal,” with the Medical Medium, Anthony William!

In retrospect, it seemed in no time we were shown into the session room. We sat ourselves down, excitedly waiting for the day to begin. This was our day to hear from the man who has dedicated his life to helping people from all walks of life, color, nationality and creed to find the prescription to prevention of illness, healing and wellness through spiritual, emotional, mental and nutritional awareness.  A man, who through a selection process known only to himself and his constant companion, Spirit.

The Spirit, aptly named Compassion, has been Anthony’s spiritual teacher, guide and contact since Anthony’s 4th year of life. I was fortunate to receive this book through my own error, as I thought I had ordered another spiritual book, but here it was, so why not? Serendipity! That was it, I got it, I understood it, and this is the answer to relieving our suffering and its prevention in the future.  I thought, others are going to be so relieved to read what this man is doing for us.  He sincerely wants to see us well.  Anthony and Spirit want us to begin to heal.  It was a relief and definitely a revelation to read the message, and now to hear the words spoken aloud by the world’s only living medical medium with Divine authority, “You were not born to suffer. You don’t need to wait 10, 20 or 30 years to find the answers.”  Rightfully so! It was there in black and white, and now in person.

After the usual housekeeping chores, Anthony was introduced.  He appears as he does on his book cover, his television interviews and his YouTube presentations. Dressed casually and totally at ease, he proceeds to tell us his history and his education with Spirit.

He began the session emphasizing that our lives are gold.  He jokingly told us about the scarcity of gold stars in his days in school and that at times he had received a silver, and sometimes a bronze star, but seldom, if ever, received the sought-after gold. We all have “Gold Value.”  We need to understand that stress has a place in our lives, without stress we would not have purpose.  Stress actually gives us assistance when we start out on this journey. When physical, mental or spiritual trauma occurs, it is our sole responsibility to delve within our gold standard to find the source of healing.

We learn, we teach.  We recognize the importance of giving powerful assistance and advice to others along the way.  It is our unspoken bond to deliver the message that no one is meant to suffer; there is a way. Anthony states, “It’s viral, it spreads, it moves. Do not underestimate the power of the ripple-effect.” This is how we help each other, and they help another to build physical armor. This is our protection. ”This is ‘the armor of light’ against the nitty-gritty; the hard stuff. We have been tricked, fooled, dubbed; we’ve been had!”

*   *   *   *

Coming soon… the felon I call the Jokester.  Do not allow him to be your habitual offender.