Back to the Future, Again

On May 15th of 2018, Uranus, that rebellious, planet of the internet and technology, freedom and feminism, that electrifying instigator of change, will begin operating in his non-traditional way, balking at the “old times.” Uranus refuses the status quo.  This is an action-master at work, stirring up trouble as he breaks cosmic rules. What can one say?  He is the bad boy of the planets. No rest for the weary when he’s around.  He operates on a high mental wattage thanks to his friend, Mercury.

Uranus is coming for a visit to stir up some energy.  To initiate change where it is long overdue.  His astrological foe, Taurus, who would rather maintain structure and predictability, will be charged with making change for the future.  This revolutionary partnership identifies the power of Taurus’ rulership with Mother Earth, finances/banking/currency, food and drink of the earth and the management of its land and property.

What grand surprises Uranus in Taurus is bringing to us during his lengthy visit! We need to keep in mind Uranus will visit other astrological signs during his visit of seven to eight years. Other signs will offer him some of their time and this will change his temperament depending on how he is welcomed.  This transient planet will move on to finer quarters on April 26th, 2026. Uranus will move about in the zodiac so some changes will have slow starts as he acclimates himself to the vibration of change.

Back to his upcoming visit with Taurus.  I can’t tell you exactly how Uranus’ visit to Taurus will be greeted.  For some it will be happy smiles; for others, perhaps disdain.  But what can I tell you?  You had a taste of it back in April and May of this year when a number of planets traveled through Taurus.  Think back, because it was a coming attraction, a snippet, of what is approaching.  It would be advisable to attempt a memory trip back to those months to recall what was going on for you.  Oh, don’t you wish you journaled?  I do! I do wish I had journaled.

Here it comes!  The first change–money, finances, taxes, moolah, whichever you choose–it will be a-changin’.   When you have time, look back and see the future.  Search for what was happening when this ever-changing celestial body called Uranus last visited Taurus, the sign associated with banking and finance, example: gold bullion.   I don’t want to diminish the significance of the tragedies and suffering of what was the Great Depression, which followed the tanking of Wall Street, or even the rationing of World War ll.  Those events were not unlike the devastation and heartbreak our brave brother and sister Americans have been facing recently these past days in the great states of Texas and Louisiana.

Back to bad boy Uranus.  In 2018, Uranus is going to couple with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter teams up with Scorpio on October 10th, 2017, and will remain here until November 18th, 2018. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism and will join the water sign, I-want-to-know-I’m-a-clear-and-deep-thinker Scorpio. Talk about strange bedfellows!  Interestingly, Scorpio rules the 8th House of the zodiac.  This is the House of Other People’s Money (banks, mortgages, loans, investments, scholarship money, wills, alimony, etc.), and Death, as an ending transition or a life transformation. Many financial changes will abound and all of them are worth investigating. For instance, cryptocurrency was introduced at the beginning of the second decade of 2000.  This new form of currency will expand in 2018. Today we have bitcoin, tomorrow may bring the fedcoin.

Here it is! Another example of back to the future.  We had these same astrological transitions back in 1935 when the Bank Act (which gave us the FDIC) came into effect–and weird as it may seem–Monopoly, the game of money and real estate, was published the same year. Get the game and learn it well, because you will be living it as Uranus transits in 2018 to making changes in banking, currency, food distribution, oil production, equality/freedom, and natural resources.

Uranus rules lightning, therefore changes may come quickly in the world of financial power. Perhaps this is the time when those companies and corporations who have not paid adequate or any taxes in the past, will now pay.  The Federal Reserve and its policy of quantitative easing (QE) will experience department upheavals in the system or the abolishment altogether of the QE.  We can hope the new way will have an allocation of funds for those tax-paying companies to hire people who seek to find a world outside of poverty.

One needs to prepare, be flexible and work collectively and creatively to produce a better system.  Working with others, we will be able to deal with these changes.  We all have a unique place in the rhythms of the times.  We must recognize our own self-worth. With these changes, we could see a rise in women in banking and industry.

The changes are unexpected, but likely.  They have the potential to be heavy-hitters. There will be changes and volatility in food, oil and land (real estate), in cost and production and delivery.  These will be harbingers of a flux.  When these changes occur, we will experience personal and employment equality and stability.  

There is the possibility of freedom in our natural resources. For instance, the cost of electricity, Uranus’s favorite utility, will change.  Mother Earth will go through her own changes with an increase in land mass from oceanic (Scorpio) expansion (Jupiter), as a result of volcanic action.  

In government, Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) support the roles of Pluto (transformation). Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, has the primary function until 2025 of ruling the governing people.  This signals changes in government. I’m talking global here. Governments may collapse, the old way of governing will become outdated and will be remedied. New policies and ways of leading countries will be reconstructed. When these changes begin, some will happen quickly. Other systems of government will take time to be dismantled and re-structured. In the spirit of our old friend Uranus, fairness and equality will prevail with the help of Taurus, who believes in correcting mistakes of the past.



Image Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Image Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

It’s time for an extremely rare and unbelievable celestial event, The American Total Solar Eclipse. The last total solar eclipse to pass over the entire United States of America took place on June 8th, 1918. This great one’s path will cross our nation from West to East, from Oregon to South Carolina, covering all of the contiguous states. Only those in the full umbra, or full shadow, of the moon will have this gift presented to them. This powerful astronomical phenomenon will turn day into night for just a few minutes. The moon will pass directly between the sun and the earth taking several minutes to reach the total eclipse of the sun.

The power of this eclipse is exceptionally strong. It will be necessary to protect the retinas of your eyes. Looking at any of an eclipses phases may cause permanent eye damage.  Please click here to visit the NASA website for safety and more information. The shadow of the eclipse will touch down in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean reaching Oregon at 9 a.m., and reaches total eclipse at 10:15 a.m.PT, then begins it chase across the United States. In New York it will have reached a partial solar eclipse (same eye safety precautions), and weather permitting, it will be visible from 1:23 p.m. attaining its maximum at 2:44 p.m. and concluding 4 p.m. DST…………….P.

I want to tell you a story…

cropped-wave-893659_1920.jpgHere we go again!  Honestly, sometimes I think I don’t have enough going on in this ageing brain of mine.  The following woke it up when I came upon something familiar on social media.  There it was, a trip back to the future.  I have seen more of it lately. Perhaps because it shot to #1 in my thought-field when one of my dear clients/friends asked me if I was going to teach it again. Yikes, that was 10 years ago when we were all naive children expecting change on the rise of tomorrow’s sun.

Have you guessed it? I’ll give you a hint: “Shhh….”  That was easy.  It’s The Secret!  Did I just hear someone say, “Oh no, please dear God, she’s not going to tell us about affirmations!”  No, not this time, Debbie, Maureen, Maria, and Rosanna.  (I mention these students because they misbehaved, and frequently checked their phones in class.)

First, this is about The Universal Laws.  Stop it!  No complaining.  This is not going to be boring. Sit still and read on.

Secondly, The Universal Laws are the unchanging principles that help us to understand how things happen. The Laws assist us to assimilate knowledge, and teach us about what is necessary for the expansion of our lives, especially our minds and souls. Sound familiar? Cause and Effect–hey, that is a Universal Law. See, I told you it wasn’t boring.

The Secret was actually very beneficial because it opened the doors and windows of our minds to the existence of the Universal Laws. You’ve heard of, and possibly use the greeting Namaste. Well, that actually is the first Law.  It’s the Law of Divine Oneness.  When you say it to another it means that you recognize The Divine resides within him, as it does within you.  He is as much a part of The Divine energy, The Divine spark, as you are.  Don’t worry, my mind isn’t starting to wander.  I retain great mental focus… you’ll see as we go on.

I would dearly enjoy discussing all 12 (some say 7, some say 24, but 12 is it) of the Laws with you, but I must get back on task: The Secret. It used another of the Laws as its toThe Secretpic for educating the public about, as I previously mentioned, The Law of Cause and Effect, or in other words, Karma, or “you reap, what you sow.” This was done to perfection.  Have to stop for a minute.  Wasn’t that the scene where the old guy in the dungeon, with the white beard and raggy clothes who was ‘secretly’ writing “The Secret” scrolls?  He really scared the bejesus (hey, it’s an old Irish expression, what can I tell you?) out of me at the time.  Now, I date similar men.  Just kidding.

That scene was pretty fluid in setting us up for The Law of Attraction.  This is what I was getting at from the beginning. You didn’t need to read the book or see the movie to know how this is a great Universal Law. You see, the Universe in all its glory and The Divine in Its love really wants us to have it all.  But (there’s always a “but”) you need to do the work.  Sure, you can attract what you want, but you need to fill the pre-requisites to have it permanently. You really need to know, to understand, and to recognize these Laws.  They are all part and parcel of manifesting.  You can’t have one without the other. Is that a melody I hear?  No, I guess not.  Moving on…. All of these Laws have a corresponding effect on each other.  Understanding them and how they help us to evolve is a Universal gift. They will, we hope, help us to become even greater citizens of our world.  They are the tools you can use every day of your life. They have the int
rinsic ingredients that help us to have the freedom and security we all yearn to have in our lifetime.

What should you do? How do you find the answers? Find yourself a young, chipper, exciting metaphysical teacher or, better yet, do your search, and you will come up with thousands of entries for The Universal Laws.  Get your notepad and pencil out and be creative. I love affirmations.  They are productive and definitely rewarding. The best part is using the Laws and seeing the remarkable changes and love they bring to your life.

See, that wasn’t so bad, right?

Solar Eclipse: September 1st, 2016

Annular_EclipseOn Thursday, September 1st, there is a New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Virgo.  This is a significant Eclipse.  It generates powerful energy because the Sun and Moon are all aspecting or in a relationship with the Sun and Moon, along with the planet Saturn, the governor of restructuring, and wouldn’t you know it, government! To top it all off, the nefarious and mysterious planet, Neptune, brings his imagination, magical tricks and dreams to the party. Mars, the warrior planet wants to do a square dance with the illusionary Neptune. Early arrival Mercury is tottering on the doorstep, he doesn’t know why everyone won’t listen and is passing him by.  He got his invitation, but wastes his time passing out misinformation and trying to re-direct the other party-goers.  Thank the Universe that the health-minded and microbe-aware Virgo is giving the party.  Any antics Mars pulls could need medical attention. Watch your step, Mercury, you’re today’s lord of misinformation, the celestial guests are passing you right by. There will be other planetary visitors, but I think Saturn and Neptune will have a big influence on how noisy and loud the party will get.  They can bring a profound influence on the cosmic celebration.

There are a lot of possibilities with this gathering.  The noisy television pranksters who deliver the media news could bring Mercury’s poor direction, and ideas to the outlets, that may upset and shock some of us party attendees, false illusions of the  system could get out of hand. The unsolicited gifts, the favors and goodies usually presented as entertainment will become fodder for debate. Many of the stories told in debate are illusions and fail as debatable script, this along with the rhetoric turn out to be the tomes of the fear provoking war mongers.

The surprise of the party is the wafting scent of fresh brewed coffee. Now, all the wallflowers make an excited run for the sanitized Virgo kitchen.  Yes, it’s that time. They’ve awoken, and they really want to smell the rich scent of the truth. No more sitting around waiting for the next dance of the planets, no more wasting time on what could have been, the “what-ifs.”  The wallflowers are us and we are better informed. No more posturing, no more wasting our time, no more listening to the talking heads. We look to the future gatherings of all the celestial bodies, not just the ones that come to excite, deflate and use our minds so we are addicted to their distortions of truth, their mongering, and their fighting over air waves.  We are here on earth observant of the truth, the facts, we want and receive only those words that speak that truth, and lead us to our most desired peaceful co-existence in this lifetime.   Hope you enjoyed the party. Oh, forgot to tell you.  Your St. Valentine’s Day invitation is in the stars, and will be delivered in time for the conclusion and bon voyage to this raucous Solar Eclipse.  Thanks for coming………..P.


Allow me to introduce myself…

Pat Russell.1My name is Pat Russell. I have been reading and teaching tarot and palmistry for many years. I have had the honor of reading for family, friends, neighbors, and clients. All of these people, from those known to me to world-renowned artists and mediums, have truly contributed to making my spiritual life meaningful. All of these people have entrusted me with their dearest memories, their dreams, and personal challenges. It has been my privilege to be of service as a confidante and adviser/counselor.

It has been my joy to teach others the power and daily practicalities of tarot and palmistry in assisting them to help themselves and in turn, to help others. I am happy to say that many have gone on to help others.

I am also a registered nurse, and provide private-duty care to elderly patients. If I can be of service to you, please contact me with the information provided on this website.

Thank you. I look forward to you introducing yourself next!