I want to tell you a story…

cropped-wave-893659_1920.jpgHere we go again!  Honestly, sometimes I think I don’t have enough going on in this ageing brain of mine.  The following woke it up when I came upon something familiar on social media.  There it was, a trip back to the future.  I have seen more of it lately. Perhaps because it shot to #1 in my thought-field when one of my dear clients/friends asked me if I was going to teach it again. Yikes, that was 10 years ago when we were all naive children expecting change on the rise of tomorrow’s sun.

Have you guessed it? I’ll give you a hint: “Shhh….”  That was easy.  It’s The Secret!  Did I just hear someone say, “Oh no, please dear God, she’s not going to tell us about affirmations!”  No, not this time, Debbie, Maureen, Maria, and Rosanna.  (I mention these students because they misbehaved, and frequently checked their phones in class.)

First, this is about The Universal Laws.  Stop it!  No complaining.  This is not going to be boring. Sit still and read on.

Secondly, The Universal Laws are the unchanging principles that help us to understand how things happen. The Laws assist us to assimilate knowledge, and teach us about what is necessary for the expansion of our lives, especially our minds and souls. Sound familiar? Cause and Effect–hey, that is a Universal Law. See, I told you it wasn’t boring.

The Secret was actually very beneficial because it opened the doors and windows of our minds to the existence of the Universal Laws. You’ve heard of, and possibly use the greeting Namaste. Well, that actually is the first Law.  It’s the Law of Divine Oneness.  When you say it to another it means that you recognize The Divine resides within him, as it does within you.  He is as much a part of The Divine energy, The Divine spark, as you are.  Don’t worry, my mind isn’t starting to wander.  I retain great mental focus… you’ll see as we go on.

I would dearly enjoy discussing all 12 (some say 7, some say 24, but 12 is it) of the Laws with you, but I must get back on task: The Secret. It used another of the Laws as its toThe Secretpic for educating the public about, as I previously mentioned, The Law of Cause and Effect, or in other words, Karma, or “you reap, what you sow.” This was done to perfection.  Have to stop for a minute.  Wasn’t that the scene where the old guy in the dungeon, with the white beard and raggy clothes who was ‘secretly’ writing “The Secret” scrolls?  He really scared the bejesus (hey, it’s an old Irish expression, what can I tell you?) out of me at the time.  Now, I date similar men.  Just kidding.

That scene was pretty fluid in setting us up for The Law of Attraction.  This is what I was getting at from the beginning. You didn’t need to read the book or see the movie to know how this is a great Universal Law. You see, the Universe in all its glory and The Divine in Its love really wants us to have it all.  But (there’s always a “but”) you need to do the work.  Sure, you can attract what you want, but you need to fill the pre-requisites to have it permanently. You really need to know, to understand, and to recognize these Laws.  They are all part and parcel of manifesting.  You can’t have one without the other. Is that a melody I hear?  No, I guess not.  Moving on…. All of these Laws have a corresponding effect on each other.  Understanding them and how they help us to evolve is a Universal gift. They will, we hope, help us to become even greater citizens of our world.  They are the tools you can use every day of your life. They have the int
rinsic ingredients that help us to have the freedom and security we all yearn to have in our lifetime.

What should you do? How do you find the answers? Find yourself a young, chipper, exciting metaphysical teacher or, better yet, do your search, and you will come up with thousands of entries for The Universal Laws.  Get your notepad and pencil out and be creative. I love affirmations.  They are productive and definitely rewarding. The best part is using the Laws and seeing the remarkable changes and love they bring to your life.

See, that wasn’t so bad, right?