Image Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Image Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

It’s time for an extremely rare and unbelievable celestial event, The American Total Solar Eclipse. The last total solar eclipse to pass over the entire United States of America took place on June 8th, 1918. This great one’s path will cross our nation from West to East, from Oregon to South Carolina, covering all of the contiguous states. Only those in the full umbra, or full shadow, of the moon will have this gift presented to them. This powerful astronomical phenomenon will turn day into night for just a few minutes. The moon will pass directly between the sun and the earth taking several minutes to reach the total eclipse of the sun.

The power of this eclipse is exceptionally strong. It will be necessary to protect the retinas of your eyes. Looking at any of an eclipses phases may cause permanent eye damage.  Please click here to visit the NASA website for safety and more information. The shadow of the eclipse will touch down in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean reaching Oregon at 9 a.m., and reaches total eclipse at 10:15 a.m.PT, then begins it chase across the United States. In New York it will have reached a partial solar eclipse (same eye safety precautions), and weather permitting, it will be visible from 1:23 p.m. attaining its maximum at 2:44 p.m. and concluding 4 p.m. DST…………….P.

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