Allow me to introduce myself…

Pat Russell.1My name is Pat Russell. I have been reading and teaching tarot and palmistry for many years. I have had the honor of reading for family, friends, neighbors, and clients. All of these people, from those known to me to world-renowned artists and mediums, have truly contributed to making my spiritual life meaningful. All of these people have entrusted me with their dearest memories, their dreams, and personal challenges. It has been my privilege to be of service as a confidante and adviser/counselor.

It has been my joy to teach others the power and daily practicalities of tarot and palmistry in assisting them to help themselves and in turn, to help others. I am happy to say that many have gone on to help others.

I am also a registered nurse, and provide private-duty care to elderly patients. If I can be of service to you, please contact me with the information provided on this website.

Thank you. I look forward to you introducing yourself next!