Why is the Earth’s activity increasing and changing the contours of countries, why are we seeing the long-awaited rebirth of the feminist movement, why talks of currency changes, why the revolutions, why the tariffs, why the influx of illegal and legal immigration, why government upheaval, and finally, where are the answers?

They will be here soon. Uranus, the planet of change, is in the Earth sign of Taurus, and it heralds the changes to come in our physical world’s structure. On January 12th, 2020, Saturn and Pluto–a dynamic coupling of planets–will take up the mantle given to them, and lead us into a world of almost unimaginable changes.

Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, is now propelling us toward some difficult challenges of restrictions and limitations, which will most certainly encourage us to be responsible and accountable. This is the tough part of the evolution we are about to enter. Saturn will give us the courage and perseverance to carry on: Saturn is all about restructuring and reorganizing our lives and work. Saturn and transformative Pluto are forming this astrological conjunction, creating destruction for restructuring.

Pluto will be sharing the spotlight with Saturn in Capricorn. This is the planet of death and transformation acting his part as the destroyer of the status quo. He will go to extremes to right the wrongs, At this time, his energy focus will be in the world of finance, the climate, government and the corporate world.
Their support and planetary actions will bring about the dawn of a new evolution: a revolutionary rebirth, a catalyst for change in the world.

We will experience changes in government that will call for the ouster of those who have not fulfilled their promises and obligations but have been part of the catalyst for revolutions and power-grabbing. There will be a redistribution of power world-wide.

This aspect of Saturn and Pluto is to empower us while it increases value, to both monetary and global systems. In the past, we have had pressure put upon our systems–such as religion, government, financial, and technology–that were artificially created or established, as methods of control.

In technology, we will see amazing inventions here on earth and in space. Today, we are secure in our reliance on smart grids. People increasingly will enter the world of cyber communication with other methods of surveillance. This technology will become even more multifaceted. Remember, they will be able to see (and hear) as we see them.

The travel industry is on the threshold of tremendous advances, and the world will see new airplanes constructed out of lighter materials and travel further with the use of synthetic fuels. Self-driving cars will help alleviate and eventually rid us of our dependence on fossil fuels. There will be more attention and use of solar systems to heat and cool our homes that will change the coal and electricity demands. This system will be the restructuring of our power using quantum energy, the minimum amount of energy necessary for energy generation. There will probably be some debate about siphoning energy from the earth through ‘tunneling.’

There will be new uses of energy medicine. This therapy aligns the body and encourages balance, peace, and good health by working to remove blockages that may lead to illness and disease. The methodology–whether it be touch, music, or meditation–will be a few of the therapies directed to your life-force energies. These are not replacement therapies; they amount to a form of complementary medicine.

Of course, with change comes those who will take charge to make sure all aspects of the New Age are understood and observed: a person in authority in your town, government, business. There will be stricter laws concerning the recycling of trash and reuse of our articles in the home. Over the next ten years, there will be a change in the way we think and live.

Pluto and Saturn will be in conjunction, working together to bring to fruition the changes, endings, and restructuring of our world. It will continue until the year 2030. We will have new inventions, new currencies, less disease, a pure water supply, protected food growth, herbal medicines, blessed harmony, and understanding.

During the years 2023-4 through 2035, we will see what we cannot now imagine. Our bodies will make significant changes to new dietary and exercise regimes. New governments will take office in our country, and perhaps state boundaries will change. We will attain cultural assimilation.

Space travel will seriously employ the Space Force to protect our satellites and space stations, for space travel, and habitation. Discoveries in the world of medicine will include the use of herbs, attention to the mind and body, the use of robotics for surgical intervention and diagnostic procedures. Children’s medicine will use new methods of robotic surgery and laser treatments. New diagnostic systems will become more readily available. This birth of the new world will also involve an evolution in religions and religious practices and the soul’s evolution. There will be religious transitions on our spiritual journey. Prayer and meditation will be daily rituals practiced by millions.

There will be other planets and eclipses in Capricorn, indicating we will continue to have the new structure and systems for years to come. Later, March 31st, 2020, we will experience the beginning of Aquarius’s egalitarianism, and we will bring the energies of the Aquarian Age to live the paradigm of an interconnected society.

In 2053, we will approach another epoch in the world and humanity. Not everyone will enjoy the life changes this planetary coupling will bring. Globally, there will continue to be strife between countries over borders and boundaries. These countries will be part of the shift, and they will begin to move toward each other in their ideas and plans through talks and compromise.

A new cycle begins the Winter Solstice on December 21st in Jupiter and Saturn. At this time, the planets will enter Aquarius, an Air sign, moving out of the heaviness of the Earth signs. This cycle begins with Aquarius and follows through with the other Air signs (Gemini and Libra) until the cycle is completed in 2159.

We have to move forward. We need to move toward new paradigms and away from destruction. The patriarchal period is coming to an end. It was not our natural way of being. We need to evolve, and now we have our turn at evolution. It’s time to experience the duality of male and female and to bring it into harmony.

We each are transforming. We need to heal and move forward into new ways of experiencing a higher consciousness in life. The leaders in the birth of a new world will be found in the ranks of those born during the most recent Saturn-Pluto conjunctions.

New beginnings are often described as painful endings. -Unknown

Back to the Future, Again

On May 15th of 2018, Uranus, that rebellious, planet of the internet and technology, freedom and feminism, that electrifying instigator of change, will begin operating in his non-traditional way, balking at the “old times.” Uranus refuses the status quo.  This is an action-master at work, stirring up trouble as he breaks cosmic rules. What can one say?  He is the bad boy of the planets. No rest for the weary when he’s around.  He operates on a high mental wattage thanks to his friend, Mercury.

Uranus is coming for a visit to stir up some energy.  To initiate change where it is long overdue.  His astrological foe, Taurus, who would rather maintain structure and predictability, will be charged with making change for the future.  This revolutionary partnership identifies the power of Taurus’ rulership with Mother Earth, finances/banking/currency, food and drink of the earth and the management of its land and property.

What grand surprises Uranus in Taurus is bringing to us during his lengthy visit! We need to keep in mind Uranus will visit other astrological signs during his visit of seven to eight years. Other signs will offer him some of their time and this will change his temperament depending on how he is welcomed.  This transient planet will move on to finer quarters on April 26th, 2026. Uranus will move about in the zodiac so some changes will have slow starts as he acclimates himself to the vibration of change.

Back to his upcoming visit with Taurus.  I can’t tell you exactly how Uranus’ visit to Taurus will be greeted.  For some it will be happy smiles; for others, perhaps disdain.  But what can I tell you?  You had a taste of it back in April and May of this year when a number of planets traveled through Taurus.  Think back, because it was a coming attraction, a snippet, of what is approaching.  It would be advisable to attempt a memory trip back to those months to recall what was going on for you.  Oh, don’t you wish you journaled?  I do! I do wish I had journaled.

Here it comes!  The first change–money, finances, taxes, moolah, whichever you choose–it will be a-changin’.   When you have time, look back and see the future.  Search for what was happening when this ever-changing celestial body called Uranus last visited Taurus, the sign associated with banking and finance, example: gold bullion.   I don’t want to diminish the significance of the tragedies and suffering of what was the Great Depression, which followed the tanking of Wall Street, or even the rationing of World War ll.  Those events were not unlike the devastation and heartbreak our brave brother and sister Americans have been facing recently these past days in the great states of Texas and Louisiana.

Back to bad boy Uranus.  In 2018, Uranus is going to couple with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter teams up with Scorpio on October 10th, 2017, and will remain here until November 18th, 2018. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism and will join the water sign, I-want-to-know-I’m-a-clear-and-deep-thinker Scorpio. Talk about strange bedfellows!  Interestingly, Scorpio rules the 8th House of the zodiac.  This is the House of Other People’s Money (banks, mortgages, loans, investments, scholarship money, wills, alimony, etc.), and Death, as an ending transition or a life transformation. Many financial changes will abound and all of them are worth investigating. For instance, cryptocurrency was introduced at the beginning of the second decade of 2000.  This new form of currency will expand in 2018. Today we have bitcoin, tomorrow may bring the fedcoin.

Here it is! Another example of back to the future.  We had these same astrological transitions back in 1935 when the Bank Act (which gave us the FDIC) came into effect–and weird as it may seem–Monopoly, the game of money and real estate, was published the same year. Get the game and learn it well, because you will be living it as Uranus transits in 2018 to making changes in banking, currency, food distribution, oil production, equality/freedom, and natural resources.

Uranus rules lightning, therefore changes may come quickly in the world of financial power. Perhaps this is the time when those companies and corporations who have not paid adequate or any taxes in the past, will now pay.  The Federal Reserve and its policy of quantitative easing (QE) will experience department upheavals in the system or the abolishment altogether of the QE.  We can hope the new way will have an allocation of funds for those tax-paying companies to hire people who seek to find a world outside of poverty.

One needs to prepare, be flexible and work collectively and creatively to produce a better system.  Working with others, we will be able to deal with these changes.  We all have a unique place in the rhythms of the times.  We must recognize our own self-worth. With these changes, we could see a rise in women in banking and industry.

The changes are unexpected, but likely.  They have the potential to be heavy-hitters. There will be changes and volatility in food, oil and land (real estate), in cost and production and delivery.  These will be harbingers of a flux.  When these changes occur, we will experience personal and employment equality and stability.  

There is the possibility of freedom in our natural resources. For instance, the cost of electricity, Uranus’s favorite utility, will change.  Mother Earth will go through her own changes with an increase in land mass from oceanic (Scorpio) expansion (Jupiter), as a result of volcanic action.  

In government, Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) support the roles of Pluto (transformation). Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, has the primary function until 2025 of ruling the governing people.  This signals changes in government. I’m talking global here. Governments may collapse, the old way of governing will become outdated and will be remedied. New policies and ways of leading countries will be reconstructed. When these changes begin, some will happen quickly. Other systems of government will take time to be dismantled and re-structured. In the spirit of our old friend Uranus, fairness and equality will prevail with the help of Taurus, who believes in correcting mistakes of the past.